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    Knossos Palace

    Discover Ancient Greek civilization and its architecture starting at Knossos Palace, vital during Classical and Roman eras. Built 3700 years ago, it remains significant today. Explore the Throne of King Minos, Minoan Civilization murals, and more in this historic site.

    Heraklion Archeological Museum

    Explore Minoan frescoes at Heraklion Archaeological Museum. Learn about Crete's prehistory, sculpture, bronze, pottery, and 5000-year-old artifacts. Discover exhibits like "Snake Goddess" and "Phaistos Disk."

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. What is the best way to book Heraklion Day Tours?

    A. Booking Heraklion Day tour tickets online is the best way to unlock great deals and discounts.

    Q. Can I buy Heraklion tour tickets online?

    A. Yes, you can purchase Heraklion tour tickets online.

    Q. Are there discounts on Heraklion Day Tour tickets?

    A. Book your Heraklion day tour tickets online to unlock great deals and discounts.

    Q. How to reach Heraklion?

    A. Heraklion has the second biggest airport in the city. The Iraklion airport is well connected to its city. The best way to reach the city from the airport is to take the bus from Line 6. 

    Q. What is there to see in Heraklion?

    A. The oldest city in Europe, Knossos city, the Heraklion Archaeological Museum, and the Ruins of Koules Fortress are some of the popular historical sites in Heraklion. 

    Q. What is the best time to visit Heraklion?

    A. May to June and September to October are the best time to visit Heraklion because the weather is pleasant and there is considerably less crowd than in the peak summer months. 

    Q. Is Heraklion suitable for wheelchair users?

    A. Heraklion is arguably the most wheelchair-friendly tourist destination. Everywhere from the Heraklion Archaeological Museum to the Koules Fortress, you will find ramps and elevators at the main entrance. 

    Q. Is Heraklion worth visiting?

    A. If historical ruins, gorgeous beaches, and delectable Cretan cuisine call to you, Heraklion will be one of your best trips. The city has tons of archaeological sites and gorgeous beaches to win you over. 

    Q. What is the authentic Cretan experience?

    A. The authentic Cretan experience also includes eating in taverns, listening to the local musicians, and the sea lapping away at the shore. Dakos, kalitsounakia, gamopilafo, and the signature Cretan Tsikoudia are some of the most delicious Cretan dishes that you must try when going on a Heraklion day tour.

    Q. What are some other places nearby Heraklion?

    A. Elafonissi, Gavdos, Chrissi, and Koufonisi are some other islands near Heraklion. All of them provide a gorgeous, sandy escape from the day-to-day tribulations of city life.

    Q. How many days do you need to explore Heraklion?

    A. Depending on your exploration zeal, you may spend three to four hours at every attraction. Three to four days is enough to explore the entire city. 

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